Receipt Tracking App

Receipt Tracking is a receipt archiver for invoices, receipts and bills

Receipt Tracking is a document archiving application for invoices, receipts, bills, payslips and similar documents.

If you keep losing your bills when returning an item or want to track your expenses Receipt Tracking is here to help you.

You can manage your documents by dates, notes and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) based metadata.

Take a photo

All you need to do is take a photo of your receipt and upload it to Receipt Tracking

Receipt Tracking process

When you upload any document to your folders Receipt Tracking will do the rest for you, it will generate OCR based metadata for you to search in the future


All your documents will be securely stored and encrypted with mechanisms special for you


How can Receipt Tracking help you?

Splash Screen

Receipt Tracking will start after this initial screen


All you need is just fill simple form to sign up


If you already have registered just login with your information


Then you are in, you can see your files and folders, just hit the camera icon to take a new photo or use menu for searching a document or changing settings


When you are in swipe your finger from left edge of the screen to right, or click menu button on the top left, you will see the menu, you can manage your files and folders or search for a document


Looking for a receipt or document, just click search and enter any relevant keywords with your file, results will be displayed in a second

Search Results

You will see your files matched to search criterias, even if you haven't put keywords in the first place, thanks to OCR


Just click on the item and you will see details of your document, you can easily share it or edit it

Contact Us

If you have any issue, problem or any idea about Receipt Tracking Application please contact us, we will get back you as soon as possible